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Our Authors
JJ DeCeglieJJ DeCeglie Simon IllingworthSimon Illingworth Leonie WallaceLeonie Wallace David ThorneTrevor Fearnley
Phil KerslakePhil Kerslake Patricia FeenanPatricia Feenan Charmaine WilsonCharmaine Wilson Nigel Gray
J.J. DeCeglie
DeCeglie is a 29 year-old enigmatic writer residing in Fremantle, Western Australia.
“I will compare him to Bret Easton Ellis and classic Kerouac, he is one of the voices of this new generation and must be heard.” - PATT VAGG, QUASIMODO
“..touches on human emotion like few have been capable of achieving...something few authors have been able to do - move me to tears.” - MONIQUE ROTHSTEIN, PELICAN
Simon Illingworth
In May 2004, after 17 years in Victoria Police, Simon brought about culture change in Victoria Police after appearing on ABC TV's Australian Story. He spoke honestly about Melbourne's gangland killings and the corrupt police brotherhood that assisted and harboured them. His autobiography, 'Filthy Rat' became a best seller in 2005 and is still selling consistently in bookstores and online.
Simon is presently one of the most sought after corporate speakers and trainers in Australia, he uses his experiences and expertise to motivate, challenge and build organisational culture.
Leonie Wallace
Leonie Wallace is a former newspaper and television journalist who teaches English to secondary school teenagers. In 1991, while a cadet reporter in Geelong, she heard about the baffling murder of two women in Portland. When it remained unsolved, the mystery inspired her decision to one day research the case for the purposes of writing a book. That time came in late 2008 while juggling the demands of parenting her two pre-school children. Little did she know then the dramatic effect it would have on her life, those around her, the Portland community at large, and the actual police investigation. ‘Horrible Man’ is Leonie’s first book.
Phil Kerslake
Phil Kerslake is acknowledged as one of the world’s most extraordinary cancer survivors, as well as a highly respected cancer patient supporter. He writes for, advises and presents to people affected by all types of cancer, worldwide.
Welsh-born, New Zealand-bred Kerslake has survived 7 diagnoses of an incurable lymphoma since his symptoms first appeared in his mid-teens, 40 years ago. He is a prolific and in-demand conference and forum speaker and a best-selling author.
Kerslake’s remarkable longetivity-against-odds, his expertise and his tireless volunteer work won him an International Re-Building Lives Award in Vienna, Austria in 2007. The American Cancer Society appointed Kerslake an International Hero of Hope in Florida, US, in 2011.
Patricia Feenan
Patricia Feenan is described as a strong and resilient woman. She has needed to be. Mother of four sons, a grandmother and teacher, she decided to write this story as a testament to her eldest son’s courage in giving evidence against a paedophile priest. Raised in a traditional Catholic family, she was totally unprepared for the shock of denial and ostracism by the church community. An advocate for victims of clergy sexual abuse, she is committed to making sure that her family’s lonely experience will never be repeated. Her mantra? “He picked the wrong woman’s son to abuse!” She also has another life where she loves travel, reading, gardening and quiet times in her home in the Hunter Valley.
Charmaine Wilson
Charmaine's achievements have been recognised by The Australian Psychics Association and she was awarded the 2005 Australian Psychic of the year and 2009 Queensland Psychic of the year for her efforts. In 2008 she was the winner of The One, a nationwide search for Australia's most gifted psychic.
She holds retreats and workshops on a regular basis to try and help people understand the whole life death process so as they may get back on the road to recovery faster.
She tours extensively around Australia with her show Spirit Whispers and works on radio stations throughout regional Australia.
Nigel Gray
Nigel Gray is an internationally-acclaimed Irish-born West Australian author. Some sixty of his more than seventy books have been for children. His work has been published in twenty-six countries and twenty-four languages.
His books have won awards and honours in Holland, Germany, France, the UK, the USA and Australia. He is a past winner of the Dickens' Fellowship Award, and the Irish Post Award for literature. He has taught numerous writing workshops in schools, colleges, universi ties, libraries, arts centres, writer's centres, centres for the unemployed, and prisons.

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