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From Addiction to Redemption
Raphael Aron

"A kooky bus with syringes painted on the side used to drive around my neighborhood. The man behind the wheel was Raphael Aron, the anti-drug guy. Far from an armchair commentator, Raphael is someone who has actually gone to the shadows of society to help people, and returned with an original insight.”

- John Safran, presenter, ABC television and Triple J radio

It is not possible to read this book without being moved and inspired. It provides the reader with a unique insight into the mind and soul of a drug addict. The Australian market has seen the publication of a number of books which deal with addictions. This book is different.
The book juxtaposes the lives of two addicts, using recorded personal and intimate experiences and emotions. Their eloquent diaries are published in the book together with the session notes of their counsellor and author, Raphael Aron. The book reveals the raw nature of addiction and the hold it has over those who suffer from it. The contrasting stories and journeys of two young people are compelling, as are the incredible efforts and insightful techniques applied by the counsellor to help battle their addiction.



Raphael serves as Director of the Gateway Family Counselling Centre Inc. and Family Community Centre Inc. in Melbourne. He is a much sought after speaker and conducts regular seminars and workshops.
Raphael’s previous book “Cults: Too Good to be True “ - Harper Collins, has become the definitive work on this subject in Australia. He has assisted in numerous media reports and documentaries, and has acted in an advisory capacity to various statutory authorities. He is well known in the social services field both locally and internationally.

believe - from addiction to redemption
Format: Pb
Extent: 192pp
Size: 210mm x 135mm
ISBN: 9780980417081
RRP: $24.95
Distributed: Bookwise
Category: Self-help
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