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the internet is a playground

Sinister secrets and truths untold: the Portland hair salon murders

Leonie Wallace

It is one of Australia’s worst unsolved crimes. On a Friday afternoon as the wind down to the weekend begins, two women are held hostage in a hairdressing salon.

Dirty Girl
The State Sanctioned Murder of Brothel Madam Shirley Finn by 
Juliet Wills

The State Sanctioned Murder of Brothel Madam Shirley Finn
Juliet Wills

Dirty Girl challenges the notion that a justice system can function with the policy of "containing" certain crimes as opposed to seeking eradication or legalisation. The policy of containment leads to favoritism, corruption, and cover-ups. And, in the case of Shirley Finn, likely resulted in her death.

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FILTHY RAT One man's stand against police corruption and Melbourne's gangland war. by Simon Illingworth

One man's stand against police corruption and Melbourne's gangland war.
Simon Illingworth

Inside the investigation into Australia's biggest underworld killing spree and rampant police corruption.

Writers Taling
 by Nigel Gray

Nigel Gray

Why do authors write? What fuels their passion to create? And how do background, childhood, and early experiences shape the way they see the world? 
Reading this book is like spending time in the company of these authors, and each section is like being included in an intimate conversation with a friend. 

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the internet is a playground


David Thorne

Thorne has quickly established himself as the world’s leading internet troublemaker. Since his emailed efforts to settle an overdue bill with a drawing of a spider achieved massive worldwide online exposure, millions of people have followed Thorne’s hilarious exchanges.



SPIRIT WHISPERS Autobiography of a Psychic Medium Charmaine Wilson

Autobiography of a Psychic Medium
Charmaine Wilson

Australia's Most Gifted Psychic reveals her life's journey and how she discovered her psychic abilities the hard way.

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Damned Good JJ DeCeglie

JJ DeCeglie

Nothing is wasted as the wasted existence of ordinary men.

"...The unrelenting descriptions and razor-sharp psychological insights got me from the first sentence. This is more than poker fiction, its about being the very best you can no matter who or where you are, and that is important."
Jeff Lisandro - Poker World Champion.

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David Thorne's Book:  'The Internet is a Playground'

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Storytelling for Job Interviews

Storytelling for Job Interviews
Gabrielle Dolan

Do you go for lots of interviews but fail to get the job? Ever been told you don’t have the ‘right fit’ for the organisation? Maybe you’re new to the workforce, or returning after an extended break and struggling to make an impression?

Mango Bridge Club

Mango Bridge Club

Annette Corkhill

For the elderly bridge players of Mango, the bridge club is their reason to get up in the morning. But they soon find their beloved club under attack. The warring committee is bent on achieving absolutely nothing. Even worse, they face a threat from a dodgy shire councillor and a nosy neighbour-cum-erotic robot inventor.
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Two Trees
  Model Chocolate
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